Stating the Obvious

Snow day! I get time to work on my essay and study Spanish vocab. I’ll have to read Frankenstien over the break, but I would have had to do that anyway. I need to study for the Brit Lit test, too. The econ test is online, so I’ll finish up my notes on that and head over.

Driver’s Ed

I passed my driver’s ed test! They made it sound like it was hard, so I read through both the horribly written textbook, the “What Every Driver Should Know” booklet, and the study guide. I passed it, but so did everyone else. I know for a fact that at least two of my fellow test-takers didn’t study, so it makes me feel that I might have wasted my time somewhat. Nice to get it over with anyway. I still have one more hour of driving to go, and I’m not sure what else, then I can get my green certificate of completing segment 1, and go on from there. Something unexpected happened today, though. We got pulled over! (Jimmy was driving.) The car had a licence plate that was four years out of date! Yeep. Mr. DeLeano couldn’t believe the school would let it get that bad. The insurance info in the glovebox was also four years out of date… We didn’t get a ticket, though.


Summer’s coming along quite nicely. It isn’t too hot, I’m not too busy, and I finally have free time to play World of Warcraft until it comes out my ears and I continue hearing sound effects even when not playing. My main, Zrynth, a frost spec mage on Onyxia, is level 51. I have a few level 14 alts. A holy spec undead priest, an undead rogue, a lower-level hunter, and there may be some others I’m forgetting.

Camp CAEN is in two weeks, and I’m preparing. This will include labelling my stuff, and getting a gigabit switch and ethernet card to be able to squeeze extra megabits out of that lovely U of M backbone. ^^ I’m thinking that once I get the switch I’m going host a LAN party. I think I’ll need more Cat 5. : \

As far as Counter-Strike Source goes, mapping is still enjoyable. The current map my buddies and I are playing on was originally made by Walter, and then I have tweaked, improved, and added details to it, such as environmental lighting. We’re using it to run around in circles while gunning down mass amounts of knife-only bots. Entertaining.

I also got the Logitech G5 gaming mouse. LAZOR MOUSE! PEW PEW! (laser sounds) It’s pretty sweet. Really accurate, and it has these buttons to adjust sensitivity right on the mouse! Nice for transitioning from sniping to swirling without having to go to a menu.

I’ve also started playing Frets on Fire, which is a nice offline time-waster. War of the Servers also “spawned” yesterday.

Break’s going well

I hope everyone’s break is going well. I’ve been rediscovering both Half Life 2 and some amazing mods for them, among them MINERVA: Metastasis 2, and the yet-to-be-released Black Mesa. Black Mesa is taking the concepts and basic layout of Half Life, streamlining them, and translating them into Half Life 2’s standards of play and game engine. Intriguing stuff, really. Happy break, all!

EDIT: Wheee…