Driver’s Ed

I passed my driver’s ed test! They made it sound like it was hard, so I read through both the horribly written textbook, the “What Every Driver Should Know” booklet, and the study guide. I passed it, but so did everyone else. I know for a fact that at least two of my fellow test-takers didn’t study, so it makes me feel that I might have wasted my time somewhat. Nice to get it over with anyway. I still have one more hour of driving to go, and I’m not sure what else, then I can get my green certificate of completing segment 1, and go on from there. Something unexpected happened today, though. We got pulled over! (Jimmy was driving.) The car had a licence plate that was four years out of date! Yeep. Mr. DeLeano couldn’t believe the school would let it get that bad. The insurance info in the glovebox was also four years out of date… We didn’t get a ticket, though.

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