Wisdom Teeth

Well, I’m getting my wisdom teeth out tomorrow morning. I’m a little apprehensive, but I’ve been told I have a virtually nil probablility of any complications. I know it won’t do any good to worry and it would only hurt to do so, so I’m trying not to. The drugs will help: laughing gas and Valium. I don’t like not being in control of myself, but it’s better than feeling them cutting my jawbone open and my wisdom teeth in half.

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$ sudo apt-get install cron bash amarok find
Reading package lists… Done
Building dependency tree
Reading state information… Done
cron is already the newest version.
bash is already the newest version.
amarok is already the newest version.
E: Couldn’t find package find

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How Windows Managed to Get Me Up at 3AM

Behold the pile of steaming vaporware that is Windows! Were it not for a stupid court decision, Windows would have been deemed breach of copyright and we’d all be using Macs or Linux right now. A much brighter future. Microsoft was originally a 3rd party software writer for Mac, who they then ripped off. Don’t get me started on that one.

Now – onto HOW this rotting pile of code got me up. In second hour today Laura decided to forcibly borrow my watch, and I didn’t mind. I should have known better, as at this moment I can only remember two times when she actually returned a pencil she borrowed from me. She promised to give it back after 3rd hour, which did not happen. Can’t say I’m that surprised, as the presses would not be stopped if everyone in the room was just glad to get out of proximity from Sholler. I remembered by the time I had reached the AB intersection, (coming from lower D) and I stopped and searched but to no avail. I spent the rest of the day scouring my surroundings for Laura so I could get my watch back, but did not see her.

Because my watch has alarms which I use to get up at 6:30AM, I needed to secure a way to have my computer (that I have in my room) get me up at the appropriate time. A few seconds of Googling found me what I was looking for. (Seriously – third result on my first query, which I was able to click on first luckily. That was awesome.) The thing had the option of making beeps or playing music from a file or CD when the alarm went off, I chose to have it play “What Would Brian Biotano Do?” at 6:30AM Friday, so I left my speakers on.

When I first configured, I set Windows Update to automatically update this sad excuse for a PC (eMachine >.< “You bought an eMachine?! I wouldn’t STEAL an eMachine!” <-WOS General Chat) at 3AM – seemed reasonable, except for that I don’t usually leave the computer on overnight when I’m sleeping in the room, and I don’t think I’ve ever left the speakers on overnight before while I was there. So, maybe 5-10 minutes after 3AM I vaguely hear the XP logout sound effect. I get up, I don’t know – XP sounds nothing like the glory of Brian Boitano. Needless to say, I’ve turned off automatically installing updates now. We should all use Linux, then people would sell games for it. Linux doesn’t nag about updates or RESTART ITSELF AT 3AM THE ONE TIME YOU WERE COUNTING ON IT TO DO SOMETHING USEFUL!!

EDIT: Sorry for the rage, it made sense in context when it got me up at 3AM…

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Boo! Time change!

Well, I can’t sleep and have been up from around 2:24 AM, it’s 5:50 AM now. Stupid time change. I figure I might as well study, post this, work on the server, and read up on some Linux stuff. I always welcome Spanish studying, it’s the only subject I have to study for. I can’t waffle with vague English language in a Spanish essay. Works for all the other classes I blank out in. :p

I’ve been giving thought to creating a Dystopia clan. One of the main reasons that that a clan would be awesome is that Dystopia teams require either a highly incompetent (or nonexistent) enemy or tight organization and cooperation to succeed, not to mention total understanding of the map layout, objectives, and any possible backcapping.

After setting up a TeamSpeak server that was operational but failed the “usable at all” test, I set up a Ventrilo one. I haven’t tested Ventrilo (which was way easier to get working and administrate) the same way, but I intend to soon enough.

In other news, Linux is still awesome. ^^ SSH FTW


Dystopia v1 has released! This has been the first update in about 3 years! It improves upon the previous versions with more weapons and more features in Cyberspace, as well as more implants. Of course, this makes it all the more confusing at first, but all the more immersive once it is understood.


In other news, here’s a cute little animation. Clicky.


I have seen heaven. Further proving my fickle nature concerning Linux, it happens to be using Ubuntu Edgy in any way shape, or form. The enormous difference between my previous try at Linux, which was Debian, and that Ubuntu has a GUI. (Graphical User Interface) This means it is nice and user-friendly, and has a smooth, Mac-like appearance. There are huge amounts of tutorials around instructing how to do anything, and if you’re doing something else somehow, there’s IRC chat.

Now that I have my former server running Ubuntu and an older computer running Debian, I’ve begun to appreciate it. Debian is not designed to be user friendly. It will be as user friendly as a text interface can be, but that’s no substitute for a GUI. Debian simply does away with all the clutter GUIs create and allows programs to use much more of a machine’s potential. Debian machines are meant to run servers or make calculations.

My previous problem with Debian was probably twofold. I was using the stable version (not that it asked me during the install or anything, that I noticed at least) and the next version, Etch, was nearly going to be upgraded to stable, and thus all the programs were written for it. That and when I put Debian on my former server I was panicking and rushing to get the site back up. That wasn’t productive. Yay Linux! ^^

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Break’s going well

I hope everyone’s break is going well. I’ve been rediscovering both Half Life 2 and some amazing mods for them, among them MINERVA: Metastasis 2, and the yet-to-be-released Black Mesa. Black Mesa is taking the concepts and basic layout of Half Life, streamlining them, and translating them into Half Life 2’s standards of play and game engine. Intriguing stuff, really. Happy break, all!

EDIT: Wheee…