How Windows Managed to Get Me Up at 3AM

Behold the pile of steaming vaporware that is Windows! Were it not for a stupid court decision, Windows would have been deemed breach of copyright and we’d all be using Macs or Linux right now. A much brighter future. Microsoft was originally a 3rd party software writer for Mac, who they then ripped off. Don’t get me started on that one.

Now – onto HOW this rotting pile of code got me up. In second hour today Laura decided to forcibly borrow my watch, and I didn’t mind. I should have known better, as at this moment I can only remember two times when she actually returned a pencil she borrowed from me. She promised to give it back after 3rd hour, which did not happen. Can’t say I’m that surprised, as the presses would not be stopped if everyone in the room was just glad to get out of proximity from Sholler. I remembered by the time I had reached the AB intersection, (coming from lower D) and I stopped and searched but to no avail. I spent the rest of the day scouring my surroundings for Laura so I could get my watch back, but did not see her.

Because my watch has alarms which I use to get up at 6:30AM, I needed to secure a way to have my computer (that I have in my room) get me up at the appropriate time. A few seconds of Googling found me what I was looking for. (Seriously – third result on my first query, which I was able to click on first luckily. That was awesome.) The thing had the option of making beeps or playing music from a file or CD when the alarm went off, I chose to have it play “What Would Brian Biotano Do?” at 6:30AM Friday, so I left my speakers on.

When I first configured, I set Windows Update to automatically update this sad excuse for a PC (eMachine >.< “You bought an eMachine?! I wouldn’t STEAL an eMachine!” <-WOS General Chat) at 3AM – seemed reasonable, except for that I don’t usually leave the computer on overnight when I’m sleeping in the room, and I don’t think I’ve ever left the speakers on overnight before while I was there. So, maybe 5-10 minutes after 3AM I vaguely hear the XP logout sound effect. I get up, I don’t know – XP sounds nothing like the glory of Brian Boitano. Needless to say, I’ve turned off automatically installing updates now. We should all use Linux, then people would sell games for it. Linux doesn’t nag about updates or RESTART ITSELF AT 3AM THE ONE TIME YOU WERE COUNTING ON IT TO DO SOMETHING USEFUL!!

EDIT: Sorry for the rage, it made sense in context when it got me up at 3AM…


  1. And that’s why you don’t bother changing your admin password regardless of the fact that i know it! 😉

  2. Nice, I have moy computer downstairs so I never have to worry about that and I never leave it on over night except when running a anti virus scan. An you should get a clock radio if you are going to have a alarm, they are much more reliable. And I only deal with windows because it plays games. LONG LIVE GAMING!

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