Boundary Wire Search

My mower boundary wire got a break in it this spring, and unlike previous times, I didn’t know why. So now I had to check the perimeter of my lawn for damage, and in most cases the wire is underground or at least undergrass. Turns out there’s a better way!

It took shoving a LONG screwdriver into the ground, but I was able to use a wire toner tracer between the screwdriver and one of the wire ends. It wasn’t audible very far from the wire itself, unfortunately, so finding the wire could be a challenge. The break turned out to be the neighbor’s lawn aeration hitting the line. Wire strippers and waterproof wire nuts made it a quick fix.


  1. I have been remembering this blog lately. There are 36 pages overall, and 30 of them were written in four years! The other 6 were written in 14 years. Interesting, if you will see this comment.

  2. Also all the old entries remind me of when the internet was fun and chaotic. Nowadays, everything is regulated and superpolished.

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