Deep Rock Galactic in VR!

I had figured it wouldn’t happen once Ghost Ship Games said they weren’t going to tackle it, but it turns out it’s viable to mod in! It’s in open beta currently, and there are rough edges throughout the experience, but the core of it – being in a huge cave and fighting bugs – is just as incredible as I had hoped it might be. It lets VR do what it’s good at – intensify already-good experiences. A far cry from the stereoscopic screenshots NVIDIA’s Ansel provided! I’m very pleased.

OpenVR Volume Control

Beat Saber is pretty loud, so I often want the volume level at or near 1%. This is hard to do from within VR with existing tools, which involve pointing at a small 2D slider.

So I made this:

It’s available on GitHub, and I’ve posted a build of v0.1.

I hope it’s helpful!

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