Dance Like An Idiot

For the 8th grade talent show at the end of the year, I made a Flash animation to Lemon Demon‘s Dance Like An Idiot. As you may be aware, Flash hasn’t aged super well, so I tried making a video of it at modern resolutions. It now has a height of 1080 pixels, compared with its original mid-2000s 548×400, but is still 12 FPS. I noticed some problems such as duplicated frames, but deemed it good enough for a first published attempt.

This video rendition is over 25x the size of the original SWF at around 33 MiB.

Death Note

Brad introduced me to this amazing anime: Death Note. It’s about a guy who finds a notebook that causes the death of those whose names are written in it. He uses it to create a new world order. It’s superb. Availible dubbed or subbed.

Also, Star Wars: The Clone Wars is a horrible movie.