I got a box! It’s the parts for my grandma’s computer! Specs:

Asus Micro-ATX with onboard nVidia GeForce 8200

AMD Athlon 64 X2 4800+ @ 2.5 GHz

1 GB DDR2 1066 RAM (The motherboard doesn’t support it that fast with an AM2 socket processor, though.)

80 GB Western Digital SATA Hard Drive

Pioneer SATA CD/DVD Burner

So yeah, I’m excited. This is also a wakeup call for me, because what I can put together for $300 bucks is better than either of my current gaming rigs! (Not as far as RAM or HD, but better proccessor and graphics, although admittedly it is an onboard.) I’m going to install Ubuntu Hardy Heron 8.04 GNU/Linux on it. It’ll be an email machine.

In other news: Joss Whedon and Nathan Fillion are in Doctor Horrible’s Sing-Along!

Oh Well…

I was reading a sysadmin blog, I think it was this one, and it mentioned the importance of documenting your machines, network, and shutdown priority. (what to shutdown first if needed) I did this, and was dismayed to find out that out of my BOINC zombies, although the one I’m using for my server has a large amount of RAM, it does not have the fastest processor. Oh well, it’s working so I don’t think I’ll bother to move it now. I have zoneclient running again after an IP changed and nagged me into doing so… In unrelated news:

Wally wanted it,

Wally got it. This is how Wally wants it to stay.

More Cats!

Some engineers got together and made an entertaining video on cats. It’s very well-done, and you can find it here.

There were also some very poorly – to the point of hilarity – fan fictions written about Half Life 2. Squirrelking wrote them. There are two parts.

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TF2 Costumes!

Someone made TF2-themed Halloween costumes!

I’m not going to embed, the shots are too big and I would anticipate page breakage. You can view them here.

EDIT: Someone else did the same thing. They actually built the heavy’s gun this time. Yay.

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Zero Punctuation!

Yay, another one!

The British accent makes it more awesome. This one has an… imaginative ending however. You’ve been warned!

On a somewhat related not, I preordered Orange Box the day it opened up for preorder, so TF2 beta, here I come! I hope that not only is it good, but also that my graphics card can handle it. Valve’s dropping DX7 support, apparently. This makes the lower end closer to my aging gaming machine. Valve seems to assume with their site design that average people are running widescreen or crazy-high resolutions or something – their sites don’t fit horizontally on one 1024×768 screen…