Colbert w00t

Up until this day, I hadn’t the faintest idea that none other than Stephen Colbert had been the featured speaker at the 2006 White House Correspondence Dinner! Google Video bought the rights to it after YouTube and iFilm were asked to take the video down by C-Span. Colbert makes powerful points under the guise of supporting Bush. Link!

Source: Wikipedia

Blog Improved

Who knew one checkbox could cause so much trouble? Unregistered users can comment now. W00t. Email or PM me with any problems.

Choir and Snow

This morning after choir, I finally realized the difference between Mrs. Borton and Mr. Dewald that had been bugging me. Mrs. Borton treats her students like friends, and has fun with them by singing. Mr. Dewald treats his students as though they were a tool that’s, usually, not doing what he wants them to do (read: talking during stops and even during singing.)

The “Nature?!” part of this post has to do with the insane snow-situation that happened after school. I grabbed a camera, and admittedly didn’t make very good pictures, but enough to get the basic idea. Link!

YouTube Bought by Google for 1.6 Billion!!

Title says it all! According to not only the front page of The Lansing State Journal, but also numerous other online resources, Google bought YouTube! I for one, think Google will make no harmful changes to YouTube. The reason YouTube was bought was because Google recognized that Google Video was much less popular. I, for one, am ecstatic. This means not only will YouTube employees hopefully get real salaries, but Google will be able to allow YouTube to channel their vast resources! This hopefully means a YouTube that’s even better! Just my two cents. You can see the video of the YouTube creators/leaders on the YouTube homepage.

Interactive Story

I was browsing through an old Game Informer, and came across an article on freeware games I had read, but hadn’t checked out the games it listed. One of them I looked at what a “game” called Façade. It’s not so much a game as an experience. You are a character that is invited to a party. You are the only guest, and the couple starts arguing right in front of you. It’s your job to try to help. Download link.

MySQL Faster

I’ve noticed, maybe you have too, that the SQL parts (blog,forum) are now fast again. I don’t know if it’s because I reinstalled and re-filled the MySql, or if it’s just because I forwarded 3306. I’m hoping that it’s 3306, meaning I’ll know what to check first if it gets slow again

MySQL Server Stupidity

I got home reeeally late from debate, say, 11:00PMish, and decided it was a nice night to break the MySQL server. My intention was to upgrade it and help the lag that’s been getting worse and worse. I’ve finally gotten it running again around 1:52 AM, so I’ll just leave it running. I’ll keep trying to do a backup but MySql is grumpy, but working. Argh, it crashed as I was typing this. You get the picture.

Daily Show

During my daily session of putting things off until I need to stay up to finish them, I came across this on YouTube. Hehe. The ending is funny.

EDIT: Link is broken.

Google Ads

Yes, I do see the ads. I got them, then thought they were annoying, then removed them. I’m willing to accept feedback on the ads, so please leave comments. If you’re having trouble registering, consult the post below.

Comic, and site problems

It’s been brought to my attention that the blog’s email function doesn’t work. This means that if you try to register, you cannot receive your password. While I will see if that can be fixed, in the meantime (or possibly forever) you can simply email once you’ve registered, tell me your username and what you’d like your password to be, and I can change it. Or, you could email me with your nickname, email, first and last name (if you want), website (if any), and password, and I’ll email you when I create it.
In other less “oh-look-everything’s-broken”-type news, I’m making a comic for my Language Arts class in GMod, so I’d like to show it off. ^^

EDIT: Here’s the full comic.