URXVT is a lightweight terminal emulator, (with an equally excellent page on the Arch Wiki) but I didn’t like the default color set, especially when using WeeChat. Here is why:

After putting the scrollbar on the right, using a larger XFT font, and using the same color set as Gnome Terminal’s “Tango” theme, things look much nicer:

Here’s the .Xresources to do so:

URxvt.background: #300a24
URxvt.foreground: #FFFFFF
URxvt.font: xft:DejaVu Sans Mono:size=12
URxvt.iconFile: /usr/share/icons/Humanity/apps/48/terminal.svg
URxvt.scrollBar_right: true
! gnome-terminal Tango theme
! black
URxvt.color0 : #2E2E34343636
URxvt.color8 : #555557575353
! red
URxvt.color1 : #CCCC00000000
URxvt.color9 : #EFEF29292929
! green
URxvt.color2 : #4E4E9A9A0606
URxvt.color10 : #8A8AE2E23434
! yellow
URxvt.color3 : #C4C4A0A00000
URxvt.color11 : #FCFCE9E94F4F
! blue
URxvt.color4 : #34346565A4A4
URxvt.color12 : #72729F9FCFCF
! magenta
URxvt.color5 : #757550507B7B
URxvt.color13 : #ADAD7F7FA8A8
! cyan
URxvt.color6 : #060698209A9A
URxvt.color14 : #3434E2E2E2E2
! white
URxvt.color7 : #D3D3D7D7CFCF
URxvt.color15 : #EEEEEEEEECEC

Copy and paste with URXVT took a bit of getting used to. Without additional setup, it requires using the Xorg paste buffer: selecting text copies; middle (scroll wheel) click pastes.

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