It seems clear in retrospect that my Windows installation died due to a failing hard drive; I RMA’d it after the self-test reported read failures. I hope to build a RAID array at some point, but it’s somewhat out of my price range currently to buy a couple of drives.

College costs too much – when I talk to people who went to college in the 70s, they tell me how they were able to pay for college with a part-time job. What happened?!

I’m trying to figure out if over the summer (hopefully as part of GSOC!) I could write a filesharing application for Freenet – one that would make Freenet about as easy as Vuze to find and download stuff. User interface would be incredibly important in this effort, as features are not sufficient forĀ  – and too often impede – intuitiveness. My target audience is people who aren’t computer-savvy. I’d want to use a lot of jQuery to make it more like a desktop application. When I made my chat plugin using Toadlets it was somewhat of a pain so I hope I can avoid having to do that somehow. I also need to learn more about and implement proper Model-View-Controller separation. Freenet itself doesn’t really have this. :\ Perhaps I could use WoT and allow people to publish a list of keys to associate with an identity. The tool should make it easy to assemble and update these lists, and people could share keys to the lists (likely USKs?) outside of the application-offered channel (ex Freemail) in order to have secret lists.

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