Cables, Infections, and More!

A few days ago I brought my desktop over from Dad’s and set it up at Mom’s, along with a switch to connect both desktops to the network. Someone accidentally bumped the switch, and the cable that brought the network connection up from the basement could not be wiggled back into working again. My hasty crimp had given out. I took my single remaining cable end, and managed to, after maybe two tries, get what seemed like a flawless crimp. Only having one end, and thus one chance at crimping to get online, was a very powerful motivating force. Upon further inspection it is not perfect, but it’s better than other crimps I’ve made. Maybe the loading bars I anticipate getting will help.

I cleaned up a machine at KI that was very badly infected. Our tools took care of the infection, but what took me a really long time to realize was that ndis.sys had been infected and deleted by the scanners. Everything was working except for networking devices, which showed up with corrupted drivers. Fresh drivers did nothing, and uninstalling the drivers did not actually seem to do so. Copying ndis.sys over from another machine fixed the problem.

My Dad sold his house, and we have now moved to Wendy’s house. At this point my room has no blinds, and my desk is in pieces. My room has the feeling of a LAN party in a metaphorical tornado – there are objects one might expect to find in a bedroom, except in strange locations and often not assembled. I hope this gets sorted out somewhat quickly.

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