Zombie 6 Version 2

Zombie 6’s problems seem to be due to a capacitor that was bent until a pin ripped out of it. The only way I might be able to fix this is ordering a new capacitor off the Intertubes, removing the old one, and very carefully soldering on the new one. That likely won’t happen soon, if at all. I got a Pentium 3 @ 866 MHz board with 512 MB RAM from KI. I was very impressed when I was able to just put the board in the case and fire up Debian, which had been booting an Athlon, presumably with an entirely different chipset as well. At this point the ethernet device was named eth1, which was annoying, so I went into /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules, commented out the eth0 line, changed the name of the new one to eth0, then rebooted. I also commented out the old entry for the optical drive, under which it was on a different IDE channel. For whatever reason, to get networking functional, at each house I had to set the interface to DHCP, restart networking, then set it to static and restart networking again. I’m trying to find out what that does, and why it works.

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