Cats and Overheating

It seems we now have five cats. I’m looking into options for filters so my heatsinks aren’t clogged with all the cat hair. It’s far easier to brush things off a filter than blow them out from between heatsink fins. I should also renew my efforts to get our machines off the ground so they act less like vacuums. I really don’t understand the thought that went on in this decision, and in some ways doubt it occurred.

In other news, Zombie 6 started making an alternating tone, and it was only when I installed a sensor kernel module that I discovered:

$ sensors


Adapter: Virtual device

temp1: +60.5°C (crit = +65.0°C


Adapter: ISA adapter

VCore: +1.74 V (min = +0.00 V, max = +0.00 V) ALARM

+3.3V: +1.52 V (min = +0.14 V, max = +2.05 V)

+5V: +4.78 V (min = +0.05 V, max = +1.72 V) ALARM

+12V: +12.16 V (min = +0.43 V, max = +0.49 V) ALARM

-12V: +2.11 V (min = -3.07 V, max = -13.59 V) ALARM

-5V: +0.33 V (min = -7.71 V, max = -7.71 V) ALARM

V5SB: +5.59 V (min = +0.22 V, max = +0.00 V) ALARM

VBat: +3.07 V (min = +0.00 V, max = +0.00 V) ALARM

fan1: 5192 RPM (min = 168750 RPM, div = 2) ALARM

fan2: 0 RPM (min = 8881 RPM, div = 2) ALARM

temp1: +33.0°C (high = +12.0°C, hyst = +16.0°C) ALARM sensor = thermistor

temp2: +60.5°C (high = +60.0°C, hyst = +55.0°C) ALARM sensor = thermistor


I really hope either the default rail voltage ranges are somehow wrong, that the CPU overheating was leading to strangeness, or that I’m misunderstanding something, because if those are the rails’ actual voltages, I’m surprised the machine was still running and not on fire. Ranges including 0 seem weird, I don’t know if it’s listing acceptable variance from the stated voltage, and if so it seems in some cases too wide a range for normal operation. It’s probably not seeing a rotation speed for fan 2 because if I recall correctly it’s running off molex. I should add some sort of temperature monitoring to my machines. I will probably have to reseat a heatsink in the near future. For now the machine is off and unplugged – it’s unplugged just in case the PSU is really that broken and the 5V rail might do something nasty.

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