My maze demo for CAEN is going well. I now can edit map files live in-game. With the help of Mitchell, our instructor, I now use a vector instead of an array to store crates, which allows for the deletion of individual values by swapping it to the end and resizing the vector so it no longer holds the now-null value. My big glitch at this point is that although going down into a crouch works fine, and even halves your move speed as it should, it is impossible to come out of a crouch without jumping.  While trying to uncrouch while not jumping, the negative z-axis velocity goes through the floor into the negative thousands. If it gets high enough, depending on the framerate, it gets to the point where it can fall entirely through a crate in a single tick – and fall through. I hope I can get rid of that by Friday. I like jumping around, and on a related note added a feature so you must hit the jump key each time you want to jump and can’t just hold it down. I do this by making the keypress routine only setting m_controls.jump to true when it isn’t already, and it only gets set to false when you’re on the ground while it calls m_player.jump(). If anyone’s interested I’d be happy to release my source. I’m using the open-source Zenilib library, which is written by my instructor.

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