It has been brought to my attention that what I thought was a nice, textured, slightly fuzzy grey t-shirt I had never seen before is in fact a white t-shirt with a somewhat uniform coating of fuzz from my sweater.


  1. LOL, ok that is GREAT. How did you find out about this? Scraped some fuzz off?

  2. Nope, my mom came up and remarked that my t-shirt was covered in sweater fuzz. I was confused, and but she proved it by telling me to check the inside of the shirt. It was white.

  3. hey…i’m looking for a steve dougherty, but i guess its a common name. i met him in philly a few years ago, and can’t find his e-mail or phone number. do you live in the philly area by any chance? i know my steve also had a dog named maggie. is this you?!

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