Server Upgrade

It was down for an hour or so for a good reason: case swap.

My old case was horribly prone to overheating. The fan mounts allowed for pathetic amounts of airflow and seemed somewhat of a joke. The only fan was that in the cheap, possibly overheating PSU. When I get this case all set up, it will have three This case has two fans, not including the PSU. The old case tended to overheat to the point the computer would stop responding around once a month. The last straw was when it did so twice in around three days. I was going to get three 90mm PCI slot fans, (and I now just realized that this mobo only seems to have 2 PCI slots >.<) but ended up just fixing the base of the problem and getting a better case. A better PSU helps too. Hooray for Vertex!

EDIT: The final fan mount isn’t fitting. I’m going to see if I can get a fan that fits.

EDIT2: Oh. It’s not a fan mount. That makes sense, then. I’m glad they let me return the fan.

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