Well, it’s happened again. I’ve been spontaneously contacted by someone I had no prior knowledge of who lives in another state…


i stumbled over your blogspot while doing a search. it’s great! but, what i really wanna know is…did you attend pine forest high school, fayetteville, nc?

jerri olsen

san antonio, texas

Hi Jerri,

I’m really glad you like my blog. I have to say I’ve never attended Pine Forest High School – I’ve never lived outside of Michigan.

Just out of curiosity, what were you searching for when you found my site?

Would you mind if I wrote about this email on my blog?

Steve Dougherty
Lansing, Michigan

Thanks for getting back Steve. Hmmm…well, to be perfectly honest with you…it was someone I went to high school with…who has your name! I think I’m having a nostalgic moment. ; ) But he would have graduated in 1970. Yes, we’re old!!!!! hahaha!Thank you! That’s sweet of you to mention this email. It might even find MY Steve. : )

There you have it. First Hawaii, now Texas. I’m amazed.

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