The Matrix

The first one was awesome, the second one sucked, and the third one took it even lower. The tagline for Revolutions should read “Abandon Logic, All Ye Who Enter Here.” That would sum up the comprehensibility and believablity of the plot. Not only did it not make sense, but the dialog was so cliched that I could easily predict what people would say, and I was usually right. I do, however, feel I must give props for the awesome visuals and final Smith fight scene. It seemed the thinner-than-paper, predictable plot was an excuse to have sweet graphics. Mmm. Graphics.


  1. Hello, it has been a while since I have commented here. The past two years have been something…

    Having seen Resurrections, I completely agree. Resurrections was an all-time low, and felt like a cheap rewrite. There weren’t even that many interesting fight scenes.

    Additionally, I learned that many of the later Wachowski movies did poorly and were comic book adaptations. There has been an interesting idea going around that The Matrix script was stolen from a comic book series titled The Invisibles ( I read some of the comics, and I like them better because they don’t classify people as “good” or “evil”, but explore the complexity of social relations in depth.

  2. The past two years have definitely been strange overall…

    Regarding the Matrix however, I definitely agree with your analysis. Resurrections just wasn’t that interesting, except for a few points in the movie. I later learned that most of the Wachowski movies after the Matrix didn’t perform well. One theory is that the script for the Matrix was stolen from a comic book series called “The Invisibles”, which started in 1994:

    I looked at a few issues of The Invisibles, and there are way too many similarities. I like The Invisibles better because it doesn’t inherently classify people as “Good” or “Evil”, but explores complex social nuances.

    (Apparently, it seems that my original comment just never went through the first time)

  3. Ah, I’d heard that they got the story from somewhere else, but I didn’t find where. Interesting, thanks for sharing! I’m still a little mad how they changed “humans as processors for the simulation in which they’re trapped” to “humans as net energy producers????”

  4. No problem. A lot definitely changed for sure. The cinematography and martial arts choreography of the trilogy was much better overall.

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