Snow Day!


You knew that though, didn’t you. I betcha you checked the official site first. If I do an animation about it it might be later in the day. I had insane amounts of homework so this is perfect! Well, that, and I wanna play GMOD10!

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Choir and Snow

This morning after choir, I finally realized the difference between Mrs. Borton and Mr. Dewald that had been bugging me. Mrs. Borton treats her students like friends, and has fun with them by singing. Mr. Dewald treats his students as though they were a tool that’s, usually, not doing what he wants them to do (read: talking during stops and even during singing.)

The “Nature?!” part of this post has to do with the insane snow-situation that happened after school. I grabbed a camera, and admittedly didn’t make very good pictures, but enough to get the basic idea. Link!

Comic, and site problems

It’s been brought to my attention that the blog’s email function doesn’t work. This means that if you try to register, you cannot receive your password. While I will see if that can be fixed, in the meantime (or possibly forever) you can simply email once you’ve registered, tell me your username and what you’d like your password to be, and I can change it. Or, you could email me with your nickname, email, first and last name (if you want), website (if any), and password, and I’ll email you when I create it.
In other less “oh-look-everything’s-broken”-type news, I’m making a comic for my Language Arts class in GMod, so I’d like to show it off. ^^

EDIT: Here’s the full comic.

Blargh… that was stupid

Wow, I worked on this 2-page (double-spaced) Language Arts essay over the week that’s due tomorrow, but I didn’t realize that it would be this hard to finish. I’m not even done studying for my Spanish test tomorrow. Too much work!! I’ll have to study before school at chior. Part of me is asking why I’m posting that, and the other part of me is answering that I’m tired, and that that’s what blogs are for. Tough nuggets, Gregori! 😛

As far as the site goes, my server has been hacked through my RealVNC remote assistance, so I’m not sure what the hackers will be able to do, and what they will do. As it is, they’ve been downloading oagain.exe from some website. I can get the url if I bother, but I wanna go to bed now. Anyways, the point is that I’m not making any guarentees on the server’s stability. It’s both cool and frighening to be hacked, and it intrests me to be attacked with something while no scanners that I know of can detect it. I have no idea what oagain.exe does. Wow, I sure ramble when I’m tired. Sleeeep… o_O

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