We metaphorically dodged a bullet, and literally dodged a humongous tree branch!

Even the chairs weren't spared from the wind.

This is the branch.

It got close.

Really close.

So close it wrapped around the end.

Mom takes this as additional evidence as to the existance of God. I’m really conflicted on whether God exists or not, as for just about anything else I can see definate, tangable evidence of it. Mom tells me I should go with what I’ve felt of God to prove the existance of an omnipotent, metaphysical being. Therein lies my conflict. When I was little, I made a little clay crucifix in Sunday school. The priest blessed it. There was a feeling of power in that thing. I went outside church to look for my mother and sister. Then I asked the crucifix. In a surge of energy, I knew just where they were, and looked down to see them waving at me from down the hill in the parking lot. I carried it around after that moment, but it met its prompt end – I think the very same day – when I had it in my back pocket and it fell out and shattered on the cement. It then lost its power.

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