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My primary GPG key for emails:

pub   rsa2048/04A5AF6596550D19 2017-02-02 [SC]
      Key fingerprint = 38D2 9430 B912 27E7 F4EB  6319 04A5 AF65 9655 0D19
uid                 [  full  ] <>
sub   rsa2048/C553BAAD49DD61D4 2017-02-02 [E]

This key is part of my ProtonMail account; I cannot decrypt things encrypted to it that are sent to me by means other than email.

The key I used to use for emails, and still use for non-email things:

pub   4096R/22C93F5F4AAA616E 2011-12-29
      Key fingerprint = CB5F 1BCA BB54 549C 3047  DA3D 22C9 3F5F 4AAA 616E
uid                          Steve Dougherty (operhiem1) <>
sub   4096R/BC86B77651E92A8B 2011-12-29

The key I signed Freenet releases with:

pub   rsa4096/00100D897EDBA5E0 2013-09-21 [SC] [expired: 2016-09-08]
      Key fingerprint = 0046 195B 2DCA B176 D394  09CD 0010 0D89 7EDB A5E0
uid                 [ expired] Steve Dougherty (operhiem1 Release Signing Key) <>


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