The Hidden!

I’ve found another very interesting Half-Life 2 mod. It’s very stressful to play. My mouse is COATED with sweat after even a short playing session.

The premise, in the default gamemode anyway, is that one team of up to eight players tries to gun down one, nearly invisible monster that can jump long distances, climb and cling to walls (for a short while), and drop bombs. This “hidden” player is usually the one that last killed the previous hidden, and the player in that position is chosen randomly when needed. It’s surprisingly balanced, as the hidden is only visible when moving, and even then only slightly. All the IRIS (people with guns) team members will see see is a slight shimmer, a distortion moving towards them… then WHAM! Knife in the skull. Hitting the hidden player is based more on a feel for it than sight. The hidden can also pick up and throw objects and bodies, which can be used to scare, hurt, or creep out the IRIS team. It’s also possible for the hidden to nail bodies to the wall, and to feed off of properly-killed corpses. If the bodies are obliterated, then no feeding. The hidden can also activate, for a short time, their Aura Perception ability, which allows them to see through walls to an extent, as well as see players as energy that is color-coded to their health levels.

The Hidden Download Page

New Player Guide

PS: This is a cool bird!


  1. Duuude that is one crazy bird, and the hidden sounds sweet

  2. wow this game sounds so intense! it has almost inspired to play this hidden. anywho brent, meekus, rufus, and I are haveing our very own LAN party right now. steeve you are my hero and i would love to hear more about your cats. i myself have five kittens which i almost love as much as Halo.
    Your Biggest Fan,

    ps i agree that is one crazy bird!

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