Two Down, Four to Go

Well, first and second hour finals went smoothly. Now I have to familiarize myself with loads of US History terms and memorize equations for math.


  1. Hey steve,

    Remember me from about three years ago? We met while taking swimming lessons in the Hannah Community Center. You were in the same group as my little brother Gill I remember. You should submit your flash videos to various competitions. You’ll probably win a lot of stuff. I think that your music video of “Dance like an idiot” is the best one i’ve ever seen. BTW, I’m soon starting a site about java game programming, since I’ve taken a big interest in it lately. Oh, and you use Ubuntu? That’s so 1337!! I use freespire myself. I can’t believe that you are still in school, I finished a few days ago. My finals went good, pretty much.

    Well hope to talk to you later,

    Yuval L.

  2. Hi.

    Thanks, I’m glad you like DLAI. I think I could improve it by adding more/better background, smoothing out some transitions and animations, and making a better female character model. Perhaps I could dust off the FLA this summer, polish it up, and release it as a “remix” version.

    That’s neat, lemme know when you get it up. Do you need hosting? I might be able to figure out apache’s virtual server thing. Although you’re using Linux yourself, so you could probably manage. Let me know. Freespire looks cool, I might try that. Looks very Windows-similar: nice for the new transitioning people. I see it’s Debian-based, so that’s nice for power, stability, and compatibility.

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