I have two dream fragments I’d like to share:

In one, Mom, Dad, and I were standing in the living room at Mom’s house when we heard a distant rolling which at first sounded as if the cats were doing something mischievous in the basement. It got louder, and we realized it was coming from outside. I ran to the door and pulled aside the curtain over the window. It was dark, and at first it seemed a single skateboard was rolling in from the west, but a group of 50 or so followed in a tight clump. Two kids ran up onto our porch to get a better look, and I turned on the porch light. As it can be in dreams, I was sure they were involved. The skateboards rolled out of view, but the spectacle was not yet over. Two cars came in from the east, and rolling in a clump around them were many large, perhaps half-scale or more, model cars. One of the driving cars looked like Waluigi’s from Mario Kart Double Dash. It was this one that somehow hit something and went flying, flipping end over end, barely missing the fence, and landing upside down in the backyard. When I think about it now it doesn’t make any sense – even if a car could go flying from an impact Hollywood-style, it’s much too far and there’s not even a good line of sight from where the impact was.

The second is more of a concept: Half-Life 2’s fast zombies, without eyes, hanging onto the back of doors you shut behind you. You just enclosed yourself in a small space with a horrific creature. Would it growl after you took a few steps into the room, or jolt awake and howl when you slam its hands in the door, then rip its rotting hands off and attack you with the stumps?

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