Adam Nevells

Adam Nevells is dead! It was a car accident.

I’m having lots of trouble processing this; it’s so sudden. I knew him from middle school, and had classes with him at OHS. I worked with him at Okemos Channel events and even saw him at the scheduling meeting on the 31st.

This shows how tradgedy can strike anyone, not just “someone else.”


  1. That’s scary. I’m in shock as I’m typing this. Nah, I’m thinking to myself, he can’t be dead. I don’t know him, obviously, but I feel very sorry for his family. Did I tell you about the time that I saw someone in my class getting hit by a car last year? He was running on a crosswalk near my house and a black car hit him. The news didn’t seem to care about it as much, though, since he wasn’t a ‘perfect person’. I’ll make a blog post on it soon. Wow…………………………….

  2. However, there is something that can arise from this. The road should have more signals and lights. When the kid that I’m talking about got hit by a car, my school decided to rise it’s starting time by 20 min. Click on the link of my post to see what I’m getting at. It’s the site of this very interesting book I’m reading.

    And I thought I had problems…

  3. And the guy I’m talking about survived, though he’s in a wheelchair and talks very slowly.

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