Driving Test and CSS

I’ve been trying to learn some CSS and HTML, and in doing so I have found why people prefer PHP and MySQL for lots of pages with consistent layout: it is easy to change something on all pages. To be sure, my theme uses CSS, but if I wanted to change the footer text, CSS would be of no help. That said, I’ve found excellent resources, and I think it may prove to be useful later on. As a less resource-intensive solution, which I’ve set up with wp-cache, is to have WordPress output saved as static pages. This gives good response time and easily edited content.

I’m taking my driving test tomorrow and I’m intimidated. I read the booklet, and I hope I pass.


  1. Have fun with that. I haven’t had time to learn how to drive yet. Also, do you want to modify your blog’s theme?

  2. Its good that you are learning lots of programing styles. Makes you a more valuble employee in the future. Also you will do fine. I didn’t check at intersections and messed up on every spoken question and STILL passed.

  3. Oh ya and I got there 30 minutes late due to a mixup in times…

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