It turns out that Koga (also spelled Qoga) had to go back. The person who gave us the cat apparently got the wrong one, which explains the incorrect information. When we first got Koga, he was extremely scared, and spent most of his time hiding up in the rafters of the basement. He slowly got used to it, and we noticed he could not purr correctly, sometimes stopping to gulp or make a strange wheezing cough, one of his eyes appeared watery, and he never meowed. The certificate of good health was quite wrong. At the vet, our suspicions were confirmed that Koga was male, not female as we had been told. This wasn’t a huge deal, but was still strange. They also found he had severe gingivitis, and that something was wrong with his voice box, which they would investigate later. Then blood tests came back with a strong positive for Bartonella, and we decided it had been enough and was time to give Koga back. We’re back down to four cats now. I’m sad to see Koga go, but he was challenging Wally’s authority, at which point Wally started spraying things, which was nasty. Four cats is quite enough.

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