Chrome and WP-Cache

I’m using Google Chrome now. I’ll probably set up Privoxy to get rid of ads, as I kinda miss Adblock Plus already. On a more philisophical note, I’m somewhat confused as to why more sites don’t offer subscriptions or donations instead of ads. When the house was quiet and I pulled up Chrome, I noticed it was almost constantly accessing my disk. Through Google I learned that the solution is to disable pishing and malware detection, which is somewhat concerning, but I don’t want the thing abusing my hard drive. I uninstalled WP-Super Cache and now I’m just using WP-Cache. With lighttpd I think I only used the WP-Cache part of WP-Super Cache anyway.

Also, I found a screenshot of 4chan on Reddit, where someone had posted this sentence:

Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

The strange part is when I first read that I didn’t immediately realize that it was nonsensical. Chrome is also reminding me just how horrible my favicon is by putting it in a more noticable place. I should change it to something more bearable.

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