Left 4 Dead and Finals

The timing for the snow day was awesome. I was glad for the break. Four-day weekend! ^^

I played Left 4 Dead Versus and got ground into a fine powder. However, I knew it was a game, didn’t ragequit, and asked for advice when we finished and went back to the lobby:

  • Smoker or Hunter: try to attack the last one to go over a one-way ledge, the others probably won’t be able to stage a rescue.
  • You are not so much a team of four as two teams of two. Never let someone go off alone. Stick together.
  • The two in front crouch, the two in back shoot over their heads.
  • Talk. Coordinate. As Infected, wait for someone to stray, or plan an overwhelming Boomer, then Hunters and Smoker ambush.
  • As Tank, it is very bad for you in the open. A survivor running backwards can outrun a Tank, provided the Survivor doesn’t run into anything.
  • As Tank, bash physics objects around. Movable objects have a red outline when you look at them. Hitting a Survivor with one is devastating.
  • “Four in a bad situation is better than two in a good one.”

I’m halfheartedly working on Chemistry studying. I hope Monday will prove to be productive.

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  1. lol, also have a hunter waiting with the smoker so when a survivor comes to release the strangled one, he gets pounced, and then if you have a boomer waiting for the other 2 to come by and he slimes them, well thats just omg rape time 😉 And teams have to remember not to backtrack or the director gets enraged.

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