Boo! Time change!

Well, I can’t sleep and have been up from around 2:24 AM, it’s 5:50 AM now. Stupid time change. I figure I might as well study, post this, work on the server, and read up on some Linux stuff. I always welcome Spanish studying, it’s the only subject I have to study for. I can’t waffle with vague English language in a Spanish essay. Works for all the other classes I blank out in. :p

I’ve been giving thought to creating a Dystopia clan. One of the main reasons that that a clan would be awesome is that Dystopia teams require either a highly incompetent (or nonexistent) enemy or tight organization and cooperation to succeed, not to mention total understanding of the map layout, objectives, and any possible backcapping.

After setting up a TeamSpeak server that was operational but failed the “usable at all” test, I set up a Ventrilo one. I haven’t tested Ventrilo (which was way easier to get working and administrate) the same way, but I intend to soon enough.

In other news, Linux is still awesome. ^^ SSH FTW

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