I read a large part of the feature list. This part made me sad.


  • Only works on primary WAN interface – multi-WAN support is available in 2.0.
  • Can only update one account with a single provider. 2.0 enables the use of unlimited accounts.
  • Only works when pfSense has the public IP assigned to one of its interfaces. If you have a modem that obtains your public IP and gives pfSense a private IP, the private IP will be registered with the provider. In 2.0, there is an option to determine your actual public IP and correctly register it.

Given that I do have a modem that assigns a private IP to whatever is connected to it, I’ll either have to use the unstable version if this stuff has already been added, or just stick with what I’m already using, which is really messy and involves duplicate python scripts in cron. If I get the time and will to do so I might hack the script apart so I only need to run it once and it searches the router more efficiently, but… EDIT: D’oh. I can set the script to check multiple domains. I now only run one instance of the thing.

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