Server Move Complete!

The server has now been moved to the Pentium 4 box! It was a surprisingly easy move. All passwords and data should be preserved. Let me know if there are problems, all the data remains on the former server as well.

RSA key fingerprint is now:


I tar’d up my main web directory, tar’d one other person’s stuff, and just moved another’s one at a time. (Only 2 files, so…) Moving them over network was okay, although maybe not as fast as I might have hoped – going from the P3 to the P4 was about 6.5MB/s. Tar preserved the permissions. Then I moved over the MySQL databases using PhpMyAdmin. I needed to move the MySQL users too, so I exported the users table of the database “MySQL” and restored the lines I needed. I hope I got the system user passwords moved successfully as well – I recreated the users, then moved the /etc/shadow lines for each user from the P3 to P4 box.

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  1. yea! the sever move was a sucess!!!! We should celebrate by (doing whatever verb is assigned to consuming CHEESEFLUFF) Cheesefluff, because it is a substance that makes you high and happy with no side effects, unlike drugs which do have side effects.

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