All the BOINC Zombies are now running Rosetta@home. I figure even if we do find aliens, what will we do? How would we communicate? I mean it’s taken us this long just to FIND them. Would they even still exist by the time we got and found some of their radio transmissions? Would they be friendly? Advanced? Then there’s the question of whether they would even be using radio waves or something different.

Also the Zombie Master dedicated is now installed, and later today I might also switch over the web server. I might want to install Mani Admin Plugin, too.

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  1. Hi,

    I found this post because I have a Google Alert set-up that e-mails me whenever Google finds any new content relating to Rosetta@Home.

    A couple of things in this post raised my curiosity.

    How many BOINC servers are you running?
    Are they dedicated?

    What’s the “Zombie Master” you mention?



  2. I’m running a total of 8 BOINC machines. 5 are completely dedicated, 2 serve light additional purposes, and 1 is my desktop machine.

    Zombie Master is a 3rd party modification of Valve Software’s Half-Life 2, and allows one person to play as an omnipotent “Zombie Master” that can spawn and direct waves of zombies and trigger traps. The other players must complete map objectives while also focusing on not dying.

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