LAN Successful!

Brad was sick, 🙁 and everyone else showed up eventually. It was a scramble to get uplink – we ended up sticking a cable through a hole in the floor left over from the water radiators way back when. I didn’t get the Pentium 4 box up in time, but it seems to be doing okay now… We played StarCraft, and Pat beat me. (It was 7-person free-for-all.) We also played CSS with lots of bots in a futile attempt to simulate Left 4 Dead. Then we played Zombie Master. That was very fun indeed – I killed many people with my wonderful undead minions.

One reply on “LAN Successful!”

damn right I beat u, LOL. But that was luck and all u woulda needed to do was get a detector. Also I only tried to find u cause u had tanks which i heard from ur speakers. and THAT is y u need headphones (lol). I was playing some ZM online and I kicked some ass as the zm cause banshiees are teh shit.

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