I have seen heaven. Further proving my fickle nature concerning Linux, it happens to be using Ubuntu Edgy in any way shape, or form. The enormous difference between my previous try at Linux, which was Debian, and that Ubuntu has a GUI. (Graphical User Interface) This means it is nice and user-friendly, and has a smooth, Mac-like appearance. There are huge amounts of tutorials around instructing how to do anything, and if you’re doing something else somehow, there’s IRC chat.

Now that I have my former server running Ubuntu and an older computer running Debian, I’ve begun to appreciate it. Debian is not designed to be user friendly. It will be as user friendly as a text interface can be, but that’s no substitute for a GUI. Debian simply does away with all the clutter GUIs create and allows programs to use much more of a machine’s potential. Debian machines are meant to run servers or make calculations.

My previous problem with Debian was probably twofold. I was using the stable version (not that it asked me during the install or anything, that I noticed at least) and the next version, Etch, was nearly going to be upgraded to stable, and thus all the programs were written for it. That and when I put Debian on my former server I was panicking and rushing to get the site back up. That wasn’t productive. Yay Linux! ^^

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