I learned about the diference in dictionary definitions of cupcakes and muffins today.  Cupcakes are made of cake and cooked in seemingly anything cup-shaped, whereas muffins are made of bread and cooked in cup-shaped pans.

I’m waiting on the hole in the wall for the LAN. Hopefully a friend can come over and help. We haven’t been very successful. Because the router has been crashtastic enough for me to notice, I may replace the router with a P3 box with two ethernet cards connected to a 5-port switch. I don’t know if this will cause unbearable latencies, but it does mean that I will probably be able to do fancy DNS things, a downside being I’ll probably have to figure out how to modify ZoneClient’s search keys so that it works with whatever I use for router software.

Only 14 days until Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex!

I’m now running Rosetta@Home on my rig at mom’s. The zombies are still seti.

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