I suppose I should be grateful to the reviews for lowering my expectations of Spore. It’s an okay game. It can be really fun at times. The space stage seems unstable – it spontaneously crashed during the UFO piloting tutorial. After installing Spore at dad’s, I came to the unpleasant realization that save files are not tied to your account. I assumed my world was uploaded automatically, if not publicly, then at least to my account. I didn’t see a share button, not that I was looking for one. I guess it just annoys me that after going through all the pains of registering my account to my CD key and (I haven’t tested this, but) limiting me to one account per copy of the game, they don’t move my save files. This, to me, removes the scrap of good I was hoping for from this whole login thing. This is upsetting.

EDIT: Turns out it did automatically upload all my buildings and creatures, (they showed up under “My Creations”) but for some reason I cannot comprehend, the save file was not part of this. There’s only one save file, and if there is an upside to that limitation, save files following your account should be it.

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  1. OMGOMGOMGOMG some how my net be workingz? HOW!

    The cord was partially SEVERED and then PUSHED BACK TOGETHER!!! Last time I tested it I got 2 packets received for 450 sent. Now it just works… Im confuzled!

    So yea… xfire needs an update so I have to use steam soooo…….

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