Behold! A Snag!

Yup, I hit a snag. I was impressed with the Debian LiveCD. I don’t think it was slower after initial boot – ramdisks can work wonders! I think it mirrored itself into RAM or something, but I’m not sure. The problem was that I didn’t have enough RAM (124MB…) to have the system, install the needed software, (I even deleted the .debs in the APT archive) and download a workunit. I came up 17MB short. My first attempt after clearing the archieved .debs was to see if BOINC could use an external flash drive. According to both my attempts and the BOINC manual, (guess which one I did first) BOINC will only use free space on the partition on which it is installed. That would have meant that I needed to install BOINC to the flash drive, something that while maybe it could be done, would at the very least be somewhat annoying. Plus I’d  have one less spare flash drive. Now I’m on to attempt running the thing as a diskless workstation.

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