Many of you may have heard about Audiosurf. I would like to now officially lend my voice to the chorus proclaiming its awesomeness. Audiosurf is a game where you play as a character moving down a highway. This highway is remarkable in that it is dynamically and automatically created by the game depending on what song you feed it. It seems to support all formats that matter, including OGG and FLAC, which is a pleasant surprise. The object of the game is to collect colored blocks, forming groups of three or more so that they disappear. There are different characters, each a different game mode. High scores are integrated. There are worldwide and statewide score charts. Your score is automatically added to any charts you managed to get on to, provided you are logged in. You can also add your friends’ usernames and compare your scores to theirs.


Title screen. Yes, Steam overlay supported.

Select a character and difficulty level.

Then select a song.

I'm choosing Still Alive, sung by Jonathan Coulton.

And there's the highway!


In calm moments the road slants upwards, in tense parts the road shoots downward, making a very intense experience. The game isn’t so much like Frets on Fire, Guitar Hero, or DDR in that it’s not really about hitting everything. It’s more about having a more interesting experience with your music. The song analysis works amazingly well. A song with a strong beat is recommended. The only thing I’ve seen that didn’t really work was a very soft one from my sister’s MSUCC practice CD.

Everything else has worked marvelously. Rock, techno, Orange Box tracks, even Bach! I strongly recommend this game. There’s a demo on Steam if you’re interested.

EDIT: Yes, there is a typo in the Portal Orange Box songs. It reads “10 – Your Not A Good Person,” and it should be “You’re Not A Good Person.”

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