School Again

Only three days in and it feels as if break never happened… It was nice while it lasted, and it didn’t help that I was sick over half of it. Oh well.

I have all my Linux boxes getting the correct time from t3h Internets on a daily basis. It’s way easer than I would have thought – in /etc/cron.daily/ put a script named ntpdate (for human readability, I would think) with the line ntpdate <server name>.

The <server name> is the domain name of a time server. AT&T runs two at and, and Ubuntu has one at the logical I’ve noticed severe drift in the time on all my Linux boxes, so hopefully this’ll sort things out. Instead of a daily update, there’s also an option to run ntpd, which will use up some resources, but correct the time constantly.


  1. How did those ntp servers work for ya? I’ve found them to be super helpful in keeping my clocks sane.
    You’d think a telco like SBC (or at&t now) would have had ntp from the get go, but no. It took them 12 years
    to think of it. Thank you U-Verse!

  2. It sure is helpful, yeah. I’m amazed at how much clocks can drift without either checking in daily or just running an NTP daemon. Maybe once the average machine gets to have enough power to spare, ntpd will be on by default.

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